• Selective pallet racking systems

    Selective pallet racking system là hệ thống kệ chọn lọc hàng hoá tối ưu tốt nhất đến 100%,tải trọng 2000-6000kg/mâm

    Selective pallet racking system.

    Selective pallet racking system is the most common pallet racking system in use today

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    selective pallet racking system

    selective pallet racking system

    selective pallet racking system

    Characteristics of selective pallet rack shelving is
    Heavy cargo loads, each tray containing about 2000-6000kg/mam.
    Removable, easy to move
    Make the most of the height of the warehouse
    For use with most types of forklifts
    Using many different pallet
    Designed by Japanese standards JIS
    Specifications of selective racking 
    CRC Materials Japanese standard JIS G3101, SPHC steel grades, SPHT1.
    Powder coating materials according to European standards (Oxyplast Belgium-bi)
    Shelf design methodology restraint assembly, bolts and nuts
    Load 2000kg/tang
    Safety deflection 0.5%
    The safety factor 1.3
    Tolerance ± 5% materials
    7 year shelf Warranty
    Routine maintenance, replacement of old equipment


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